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New Stallion! "One of a Kind" Fella  We are excited to offer this fine foundation bred stallion for your next dream foal well get a great gait and close in foundation stock on your pedigree with Fella!  Fella was registered when the fox trot had to be preformed and assessed. He has a natural easy going gait that he throws onto his foals. He has Walker's Merry Lad and Hawkeyes Black Sambo in the second generation and Merry Boy occurring twice and Kissees Diamond on the fourth generation...that's as close as you'll get in todays breeding to foundation lines. Let's Fox trot!

StallionService:Southern Sunrise's Jackpot great grandson of Southern Sunrise and grandson of Sunrise's Alibi, he is a nicely crossed Fox trotter from two very well know lines: Southern Sunrise and Barney Fife with Shepherds Traveler and Sambo's Magic Marker to boot!

Born: 5-08-04 ~ Beautiful Buckskin Tobiano ~ A.I. Available
 Jackpot was the 2009 World Grand Champion Amatuer Model in Ava, Missouri for stallions and geldings 5 years and under.

Southern Sunrise's Jackpot is an exceptional cross from well known winning foxtrotters with the well proven Southern Sunrise bloodlines on the topside and Barney Fife/Shepards Traveller on the bottom. He will add form function, color,conformation, and athletic movement to your next foal.
Color possibilities depending on the mare: buckskin, palomino, paint as well as whites or blacks. Best of all Jackpot has a superb conformation, stamina, and gait to pass on to his foals. See his first palomino filly born on the ranch on the sales page.
MP Fox Trotters in Templeton, California 805-237-0914
With theses two great stallions "JP" And "Fella"  you can't go wrong...breed to one of our fine mares or bring your own to get just the horse you have always wanted.

Full pedigrees of all horses in the breeding program coming soon or contact to get pedigree information now. Please contact me for breeding contract and information on shipped cooled semen.



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