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Introducing our senior stallion: One of Kind, barn name:"Fella" He came to us from ETranch in Oregon through well known fox trotter author and breeder of fine fox trotters, Patricia Smith. He arrived in October of  2011 to MP Foxtrotters on the central coast of California. He has foundation sires close in on his pedigree and he is ready for serious breeders in California and anywhere for shipping cooled semen for A.I..

Located on the central coast he is a special addition bringing some of the best old bloodlines to our area and into serious breeders bloodlines nationwide.This stallion is a  treasure and he will strengthen and improve bloodlines bringing back the fox trotter original
qualities that the fox trotter was founded on and greatly helping to preserve the genetically based fox trot.

Shipped cooled semen available now discounted for serious breeders.

Fella was a working cow horse for Duane and Sally Scott in Rogersville, Missouri before Patricia Smith purchased him. He was bred and raised on the Scott ranch where he was a working ranch horse. He is now retired for breeding on the West Coast for live cover or shipped cooled semen as he is truly a world class act.

We warmly welcome "One of a Kind" known as "'Fella" to MPfoxtrotters in California
Call 805-237-0914 or email

Live foal guarantee

Psalm 75:2 We give thanks to you. O God, we give thanks, for your name is near. We recount your wondrous deeds. "At the set time that I appoint I will judge with equity. When the earth totters and all its inhabitants , it is I who keep steady its pillars.  Selah


2009 World Grand Champion
Southern Sunrise's Jackpot
  aka "JP" is our winner for the 2009
Model for Stallions and Geldings Amateur at the Show and Celebration in Ava, Missouri. Now in Central California standing at stud for MPFoxtrotters.

Breeding Fee by Private Treaty
Add $125 for A.I. shipment of ooled semen.

Jackpot winning World Grand Champion title in Ava Mo with trainer Garrett Raney, Cathy Duncan, owner, and the Missouri sweethearts.

Gaiting nicely in the flatfoot walk, fox trot, and the slow canter.
15.1 hands, athletic movement balanced rear to front well muscled and unusually high endurance and stamina.

DISCOUNTS FOR EARLY BOOKINGS  Both stallions are registered with the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association (MFTBA) as well as DNA'd.
Will throw buckskin palomino, and paint.
Call 805-237-0914
Southern Sunrise's Jackpot sire of our two yearlings for sale and here he is the World Grand Champion winner in  Ava, Missouri 2009 for the amateur class in all Stallions and Geldings 5 years and under. CHOOSE YOUR NEXT SIRE FROM ONE THESE EXCEPTIONAL STALLIONS:

Southern Sunrise's Jackpot, Barn Name "JP"
obiano Buckskin Stallion
2009 World Grand Champion Model Amateur Stallions and Geldings

 MFTBA Reg #04-89824DNA'd

One of Kind Barn Name: " Fella"
NEW! Hard to Find Foundation Bred Old Time Fox Trotter Stallion Black Velvet with white blaze and two hind socks
MFTHBA Reg. #91-38291  DNA'd


We have three quality fox tr mares available for belly lease or purchase of foals. They are also registered in Ava, Missouri at the MFTHBA (Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association) and are DNA'd More photos coming soon!
1. Miss Brandy Supreme, Sorrel..Mr. Koscot in pedigree
2. Boot Scootin Rain Dancer, Black Sabino
3. Boots Magnificent Gold, Smokey palomino

The sire of #2 and #3 mares is the beautiful 4X World Grand Champion black sabino Stallion Tri-Mi Boot Scootin' Boogie ..see him at www.The His pedigree on these mares makes for a nice cross with our fine stallions producing exceptional foals.

Pick one of our mares and request a breeding to a stallion of your choice.

(805) 237-0914



Future Brood mare: Boots' Magnificent Gold aka "Maggie" out or 4X World Grand Champion Tri-Mi Boot Scootin' Boogie and solid built perlino mare Ginger Snap. She is scheduled for breeding to our senior stallion One of a Kind this spring.

Contact MPFoxtrotters at for questions for breeding to design your own foal.     


Another fine up and coming brood mare: Boot Scootin' Rain Dancer aka "Dancer" sired by Boot Scootin' Boogie 4X World Grand Champion and model for Breyer horse #954 limited edition.  See photos of "Boots" below.

<<<<DANCER  a Black sabino

These two mares are 1/2 sisters and sweet as can be. Cross either one of them with one of our stallions for your own foal. Ask about the belly lease option.


Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association  MFTHBA

Visit the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association website for more information on national trial rides, shows, trainers, and great articles.



Below is the stallion who is the sire of two of our mares.

Photos of Tri-Mi Boot Scootin'  Boogie the 4X World Grand Champion Model in Ava, MO at the Show and Celebration and sire of two of our  breeding mares, Maggie and Dancer seen above.

His contribution to our bloodlines include courage, natural gait, and form.


Contact information for this stallion:

Boots was honored as the horse that Breyer TM chose to have represent the Missouri Fox Trotter in their Breyer TM Model #954 Limited Edition

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