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Missouri Fox Trotters, the horse breed with the all day smooth quick trot to get you to where your going..easy and sure and without a hitch.

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Located in beautiful Central California
Here at MP Foxtrotters, we are committed to raising the finest Missouri Foxtrotters and offering introductory lessons to this fine breed, focusing on their unique smooth gait and the good temperament of the fox trotter. We sell two horses a year that includes basic ground training for the foals and a free riding assessment on one of our trained horses.We are dedicated to providing sound horses, and serving the needs of you and your family. Through our breeding program and riding programs, we strive to produce the finest horses for the yearly sale. We also maintain three levels of classes for your riding pleasure: Intro and Basics, Beginning rider, and Intermediate.
We will start group and single horseback riding programs and through basic horsemanship and work on the ranch we aspire to strengthen each person's confidence and skill in riding and care of the horse.
We invite you to become a member of our ranch - allowing monthly access to one of our fine horses and through our various programs and community involvement you can gain the experience and skill to become comfortable as a gaited pleasure horse rider.

So Why Would YOU Want a Fox Trotter???

Why would someone want to get a Missouri Fox trotter?  

Fox Trotters are versatile and excel in many disciplines and can satisfy pretty much any goal you can conceive to put them to task. However, there is nothing quite like this horse breed with their good ambling gait for enjoyment and purpose  on a long ride. Especially as we age and mature and begin to look forward to comfort and pleasure as a reward for long years of hard work, it is the fox trotter that can step up to the plate. As we look towards retirement we ponder the many ways we can help our retirement be enjoyable, productive, and fulfilling. Many times as we age we remember the fun we had as a youth riding horses. However, even if you have never ridden before and have always thought you wanted to, finding a good, well tempered gaited horse to retire with can be your answer to the question “Now what do I do now that I am retired?”.  If you find the right horse you can grow with and interact together taking on new adventures together. The fox trotter is that horse.

The easy going Missouri Fox Trotter is a good horse to bring with you into retirement. In many retirement communities such as Palm Springs and Florida, folks are enjoying the Fox Trotter and starting large groups of retired riders. More people are discovering what a pleasant ride, personality and relationship you can have with fox trotters. They are easy to train, easy on the back, and wonderful to partner up with during a big transition in your life as you retire. When you find a good horse match that is well broke but always ready to learn more, you can, at 60 years of retirement age, continue  to ride into the horse’s 20’s giving you riding pleasure into your 80’s!

This sweet, clever, sensible breed can produce the horse partner you have always wanted with a nice and easy going, ground-covering gait you will learn to love, and  where you both grow and learn about each other on every ride. Because of the smooth gait you can endure longer in the saddle and find that the unique gentle gaited motion may improve your muscle tone, balance, and give your body a mild workout, all while you are seeing and enjoying some great local country on your outings. I look at it as health insurance because you are getting fresh air, exercise, and engaged in an activity that provides emotional, physical, and mental stimulation. For retirees or anyone looking to find a friendly mount with a comfortable gait.     Why get a Fox Trotter!?                                               Why not get a Fox Trotter! 

Some quick facts about Fox Trotters:

1. Fox Trotters excel in all disciplines, whatever you put your fox trotter to task on whether it be jumping, driving, endurance, dressage, barrels, cutting, reining, trails, ranch or show..The fox trotter will rise up to meet the challenge and bring along that personable, engaging personality that makes them so people oriented...both their comfortable ground covering gaits and personality is why the United States Forest Service took on the Fox Trotter as their official horse of choice in 1960.

2. The Fox Trotter won the Trail Horse of the Year in 2011."Absolut Sunrise"- #235

3. In 2010 a Fox Trotter "JJ's Sweet Dream" aka Diva won all five categories in the National Veristility Ranch Horse Competition (NVRHC) against stock horses nationwide during the 2010 Stock Horse Show in Dodge City, Kansas and against top quarter horses.

for more information  Archived Missouri Fox Trotter Journal December 2010

4.Fox Trotters are disassociating from past problems with gaited horses being abused in order to get best gaiting performance ...Fox Trotters are genetically inclined with minimal training and aids. The Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH) has named a Missouri Fox Trotter its Horse of the Year for the third time. The Kansas Kowboy D, owned by John Brandreth of Brandreth Farms,, is the 2010 FOSH Horse of the Year, earning more than 1000 FOSH show points. "Kowboy" was the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association’s (MFTHBA) World Grand Champion Open Versatility horse in 2010 with six World Championships, and was an MFTHBA gaited performance champion, winning four World Championships in 2008.

"It’s a thrill to compete against some of the best gaited horses in the country," said Brandreth. "Kowboy demonstrates that you can take a top gaited performance horse that wins demanding ‘in breed’ competitions for correct smooth gaits, and train that horse to excel in versatility horse sports like reining, cutting and barrel racing."
FOSH is a national organization dedicated to the promotion of humane horse activities and to fighting abusive horse-training practices. The FOSH Horse of the Year title is bestowed on the horse that accumulates the most points in FOSH-sanctioned shows for gaited horses, which are produced nation-wide and feature competition in a wide range of disciplines." From Jan 2012

See the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association Website for more information on Fox Trotters:

Miss Myra our quarter mare with my son Evan on top. We compare our beloved quarter mare "Myra" in her hard trot to the fox trotter trot...what a difference! Don't worry Myra we still think you are the bomb! Thanks for taking the time to read about Fox Trotters and we sincerely welcome you out to the ranch to see the horses and perhaps if you are feeling up to it and never have...climb aboard and feel the gait!

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MP Foxtrotters phone number 805-237-0914 or email Cathy at
Mail: 5025 Robles Sombrio, PO Box 608, Templeton, Ca 93465   Come on by!
To ride one is to own one! The no back-ache horse

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